Reservations and Cancellations Policy

Reservations & Cancellations Policy

Member Lane Reservations

Generally, four lanes each hour are set aside for member reservations on the pistol range and two per hour on the rifle range. In some instances, when there is a training event, or other group event that limits the number of lanes available, we may reduce the number of lanes available for reservation by members. Lanes available for reservation will be shown as ‘open’ and available for reservation on the Member’s Reservation page on our website. Once the available lanes are booked for each hour, please proceed to the next available slots.
Each member may reserve a single lane. If two members want separate lanes, but only one lane is available to reserve, they may reserve and share the one lane, or find a time that two lanes are available on the reservation calendar. Members are required to check-in 10 minutes before their reservation time, or their lane may be given away to the next person waiting. If a member calls before their check-in time to let us know they will be late for their reservation, we will hold their lane for up to 15 minutes, but if others are waiting, the stop time (per the reservation) will remain the same. For example, a lane reserved for 2:00 PM–3:00 PM will be held until 2:15 PM, but the member will only have use of the lane until 3:00 PM if others are waiting to shoot.

Training Class Reservations

Participants may reserve a slot in one of our regularly scheduled classes through our Online Store. Once the participant has paid in full they will have a confirmed slot in the class.
Cancellations: If unable to attend a scheduled training class, participants must cancel via this contact form or by phone.

  • Cancellations 24 hrs before scheduled class will not receive a refund or be put into another class.
  • Cancellations 48 hours or more can receive a refund of 40% of what they paid for the course.
  • Cancellations 72 hours before scheduled class can receive a full refund minus a $25 restocking fee.
  • Cancellations 48 hours or more can also use a one time only class reschedule of the same course.
  • Gunslingers Reserves the right to cancel a class at anytime. We will contact you via email as soon as possible to let you know of the cancelation. Students will receive a full refund or can be transferred to a later date.

Group/Corporate Training or Event Reservations

Reservations for group or corporate events may be initiated in-store, via email, or by phone. A Gunslingers Shooting Center staff member will coordinate with a designated representative from the group. A list of participants, with contact information, will need to be provided to begin the reservation process. To complete the reservation, and schedule the event, a 50% deposit will be required. The remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the event start. If the deposit is not paid in full one (1) week prior to the scheduled event, the event is subject to cancellation. Unless precluded in writing at the time of receiving the deposit, (i.e. only in extenuating circumstances due to the nature of the event), the event may be cancelled in writing one week in advance of the scheduled start date, for a full refund. In most cases, the group size may be altered up to one day in advance (with approval) as long as the group minimum size is reached. All participants must arrive prior to the scheduled start of the event. In the event that participants fail to arrive for the start of the scheduled start of the event, the entire deposit may be forfeited. In the event that the group (or individuals) arrive late, the event will still end at the scheduled time. Click here to send an email to our training group with any questions regarding group or corporate events.

Private/Semi-Private Instruction Reservations

Scheduling of private instruction, including semi-private lessons, can be done in-store, by phone or by email. Participant must pay in full, using the website or in person, to complete the reservation. The lesson will be confirmed after payment has been received.
A lesson may be cancelled in writing with at least 24 hour notice. If a participant misses a lesson without notice, there will be no refund given. If a participant shows up late for the lesson, but calls in advance, the lesson will still be given, but may be shortened if necessary to ensure others will not be inconvenienced. Making up any time for late starts will be at the sole discretion of the instructor. Full credit, to be applied to future instruction, will be given to those who cancel in writing at least 24 hours in advance.

Exceptions to these policies may be made for extenuating circumstances. The instructor and management will make every attempt to resolve scheduling issues whenever possible.

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