Membership Terms and Conditions

Gunslingers Shooting Center

Membership Terms & Conditions

Memberships are sold on a recurring monthly payment basis, with no expiration date predetermined. You will be billed once per month, on the monthly anniversary date of your initial purchase unless otherwise noted.

To cancel your membership, and to terminate monthly billing, we require a 30 day notice. Emails to terminate memberships may be sent using this form. In the event that the date of termination does not fall on your monthly billing date, a pro-rated amount reflecting an effective daily rate of 1/30th of the monthly fee will be assessed to the end of the 30 day period.

Existing Annual Members, upon expiration of their current annual membership, will be allowed to convert to monthly billing without incurring the Initiation fee providing they renew within 14 days of the expiration of their annual membership.

To re-establish a membership that has been terminated, you will be required to pay the $99 initiation fee.

Upon applying for your membership, you are agreeing to abide by all safety rules and policies and general policies as posted at Gunslingers Shooting Center, or communicated by Gunslingers Shooting Center staff at any time. You must follow the direction of staff members at all times.

In the event of non-payment of monthly membership dues, your membership will be temporarily suspended for seven (7) days to allow you to correct the billing issue. If the issue is not resolved within seven (7) days, your membership will be terminated, and you will be responsible for any uncollected membership fees. Once terminated, you will be required to pay the standard initiation fee to re-establish your membership.

All memberships are subject to revocation in the event that membership policies are not being followed, and/or at management’s discretion. A refund of the monthly fee, pro-rated for time remaining will be processed.

In the event that your membership is terminated for any reason, there will be no refund of the initiation fee.

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